Ruslan Skorb

Hello there! I'm Ruslan Skorb, an ideas man, an entrepreneur and an applied scientist. I love making beautiful user experiences and am always looking to improve and learn new technologies by building top quality code.


  1. R.SK Lab
    R.SK Lab - Founder / Lead Senior iOS Software Engineer
    Jul 2017 - Present

    Developing the following projects:

    • R[SK] - Learn and build with experts - An iOS app for teaching native iOS development.
    • The Complete iOS App Development Guide - Native iOS app development online course.
    • F3: Find Friends Anonymous Q&A - A social discovery iOS application to make new friends and communicate with existing ones.
    • RSKFoundation - An addition to the Foundation framework. Provides: a) protocols that define the roles of objects, b) types of objects that represent changes to a collection of objects.
    • RSKCoreGraphics - An addition to the CoreGraphics framework. Provides the type of object that represents a rectangle.
    • RSKUIKit - An addition to the UIKit framework. Provides: a) protocols that define the roles of objects, b) the type of object that represents bounds of the view, c) the type of object that represents a frame of the view, d) the type of object that converts layout attributes of the view from .leftToRight user interface layout direction to the specified one.
    • RSKImage - The type of object that represents an image. Provides the initializers to create an image with cgImage and cgPath that are created from the specified parameters, in particular, from color, linear gradient, size, corner radii.
    • RSKBezierPath - The type of object that represents a Bézier path. RSKBezierPath provides the initializer to create a Bézier path with a rectangular path rounded at the specified corners and with the specified corner radii.
    • RSKInteractableLabel - The type of object that represents an interactable label. Provides the ability to get the index of the character falling under the given point, expressed in the label's coordinate system.
    • RSKSharedChannels - Swift web app that allows with minimal efforts to share any Slack channel on your workspace to another team's workspace.
    • R.SK Lab micro-blog - Micro-blog about iOS app development using Swift.
    • rsk-lab.com - Corporate web site for R.SK Lab.
    • R.SK Lab Logo - Brand new logo for R.SK Lab.
    • R.SK Lab Business Card - Corporate vertical business card for R.SK Lab.
    • AR Snake Game - Augmented Reality game for iPhone.
    • Bloom.fit - Create Balanced Life - The MVP of a health & fitness iOS app that aims to help people understand themselves and bring calm, wellness and balance to their life.
    (Swift, JavaScript)
  2. Mint
    Mint - Lead Senior iOS Software Engineer
    2015 - Jun 2017

    Developed an iPhone application Mint: Online Dating App & Chat. Mint is a FREE dating app for chatting and meeting people nearby.
    Also developed a bunch of in-house libraries and published them for internal release using CocoaPods:

    (Objective-C, Swift)
  3. KidMastermind
    KidMastermind - Senior iOS Software Engineer
    2013 - 2014

    Developed a parent's application and a set of iPad games for early childhood education, and ported them on Android using Apportable:

    Also developed an internal SDK, which is used for the following purposes:
    • interaction with the server API;
    • access to the local database;
    • set a limit on the time of the child's play.
    (Objective-C, C++)
  4. Itibo
    Itibo - iOS / Android Software Engineer
    2011 - 2012

    Developed iPad games such as NoteWorks and See and Hear, and an Android application Quit Smoking.

    (Objective-C, Java, C++)


  1. AR Snake Game

    AR Snake Game

    AR game that is worth your attention!

  2. Bloom.fit - Create Balanced Life

    Bloom.fit - Create Balanced Life

    Find balance in your life! Get your life back!

  3. F3 - Create Cool Answers

    F3 - Create Cool Answers

    Get questions! Create cool answers!

  4. Mint: Online Dating App & Chat

    Mint: Online Dating App & Chat

    FREE dating app for chatting and meeting people nearby

  5. RSKGrowingTextView


    An automatically growing and shrinking text area

  6. Mind Stretcher

    Mind Stretcher

    Logical rows, big and small concept, pair matching

  7. RSKImageCropper


    An image cropper for iOS like in the Contacts app

  8. RSDayFlow


    iOS 7 Calendar with Infinite Scrolling

  9. KidMastermind (v1.x)

    KidMastermind (v1.x)

    Educational tools and curriculums for little ones

  10. Kiddy Colored Shapes

    Kiddy Colored Shapes

    Identifying shape and color of items

  11. Hungry Hungry Critters

    Hungry Hungry Critters

    Organizing objects by their function

  12. Missing Pieces

    Missing Pieces

    Identify and differentiate up to 6 facial parts

  13. Color Fruits

    Color Fruits

    Identify and differentiate up to 8 colors

  14. Lights All Night 2012

    Lights All Night 2012

    Personal guide to the Lights All Night festival

  15. NoteWorks


    Teach note recognition

  16. See & Hear

    See & Hear

    Learn animals, transport, colors, etc.

  17. Quit Smoking

    Quit Smoking

    Gradually wean from dependency on cigarettes